Willamette Pass- Enzi Schow

Willamette pass was a great experience, Austin Lancaster and I pulled into the parking lot at around noon on Saturday. We got geared up and registered for the race and headed up the lift to do our first practice run.

We got in about three practice runs and decided to explore the mountain and ride other trails. we rode every other trail and still had time to get in a couple more practice runs afterwords thanks to the long practice day. we were both too tired to keep riding, so we cut the practice day short by an hour. on our way back to the hotel we stopped at a couple spots along the lake looking for somewhere to go swimming, unfortunately we had no luck.

At the hotel we ate dinner, afterwards we took no time at all to start exploring around our hotel, we found some weird sandy roads and even a bike trail. mosquitoes were everywhere so we headed back.

After a good nights sleep we were up and ready for race day, we got their a little bit early and had enough  time to take two practice runs before our racers meeting.

We waited for about an hour before our first race run, I felt really good only having a few minor mistakes and finished with a time of around 5:55 putting me in 2nd place.
I had actually flatted and noticed it at the end of my first race run and luckily had enough time to fix it and get back to the top to get ready for our second run.

I felt about the same speed as the first run but with a lot less mistakes. this run turned out with a time of around 5:45 shaving off around ten seconds, which bumped me up to 1st place! only winning by .5 seconds.

After the races were over and the awards had been given out me, Austin, and Louis Mollet headed up to do a run down the pro course about half way through I crashed over the bars and flatted again.

Over all Willamette Pass was amazing, and had a lot of really fun trails, except for how bumpy they all are.


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