Capitol Forest Super-D

              On the weekend of August 11th and 12th i got to go up to Olympia Washington to race the Capitol Forest Super-D. My mom, Noah and I left on thursday august 9th, we got up to my aunts how late that night. The next day we went to Capitol Forest and rode some trails including the race course (Greenline #6) the race course was very fun, fast and flowy with one long climb in it, and 2 short, yet steep climbs. My Commencal Meta AM did amazingly on the course, it flew up the climbs and bombed down the descents, it was a great bike for the course. On saturday, after the xc race was over we went up and did a shuttle with our friend jamie, an Olympia local who we had met at the ashland enduro. Being a local (and not in my category) he showed me some good lines down the trail which defiantly helped shave at least a few seconds of my time. When we got back down to camp Noah and I got on our swim suits and swam in the very cold fall creek.
               Race day we got up at 6:00 to go pick up our race packets once we got them we managed to scrap together a meal even though we were mostly out of food we found fruit cocktail, instant oatmeal and some goldfish  (and most importantly the coffee) to eat before the race. We caught a shuttle up to the to the top with the people camping next to us. With the pickup bed crammed so full of bikes (8 bikes) my Meta had to lie down awkwardly, although i tried to protect it, it got a good size scratch in the down tube from a pedal. We reached the top 2 hours before our start times, in those 2 hours we made friends with some of our competition; jack, blake and kasper. i started my race at 12:55 at the beginning i knew i was going a lot faster that i thought i would be within the first 2 switchbacks i passed the person who went in front of me i knew i had to pace myself on the downhill so i could make it up the first climb full speed. I made it up the climb noticeably faster than any previous run even faster than when i raced noah up it on saturday. i felt very fast the whole way down and sprinted as hard as i could the last mile even passed a second person. Even though i was totally winded i pushed it, when i crossed the finish I could barley stay on my bike when i cleared out I stopped and caught my breath, the next minute was one of the longest minutes of my life I was timing to see if the fast local kid, kasper, who went right behind me had dropped any time on me, after a munite passed i knew i had beat him.
               After 5 minutes of catching my breath learned that they had junior results up. I had taken second place. the rest of the day was very fun I met the mudbunnies team (a woman’s specific team) they were cool. Everyone at that race was really nice and welcoming. I got second place and got to ad another medal to my wall, my friend noah who we took up missed 3rd by 2 seconds, my time was 24:35. This was a very fun trip and i cant wait to go back next year! pictures coming soon.

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