Double Victory

Last weekend my father, Enzi, Nick, and I loaded the bikes and hit the road for some fun.

We headed for the Warp DH race at the Willamette Pass bike park. We stopped at the little town of Willamette to check into our hotel and then continued to the bike park.

We rode all Saturday getting the course down and riding other bike park trails. The entire course was very loose dry dirt, testing you every move. My favorite trail we got to ride was El-Paso, which was a trail that started on the backside of the mountain and works its way all the way around.

After riding, we wanted to swim so we went to crescent lake. After swimming for a while we rented a 3 wheeled water bike. It was a ton of fun but very sketchy in boat waves. Later we changed into dry clothes and went to Oakridge for dinner. It was so good!

Race-day came and the nervousness came with it.  My competitive edge hit me hard and I suddenly was focused on the win. I barely ate anything because I just didn’t feel hungry. It happens at every race I go to. I took a practice run on the sport course, and one on the pro because I decided to race both categories. 
After the riders meeting I was sitting in the gate listening to the countdown. Then I exploded out of the start and onto the pro course. I pedaled all the flat spots and told myself to keep off the brakes as much as possible. 
I finished strong with a 4:58. Then I headed up and did my race run on the sport course. I pedaled my guts out and kept my riding fast finishing with a 5:45.

When the podium announcer said I had won both categories I was so stoked.

I got on the podium with Enzi in second, and Nick in third for the sport course, and on the podium with one other competitor for the pro course.

It was an awesome trip and I cant wait for the next series of Willamette Pass races!


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