WARP downhill

This past weekend Russel Lancaster drove Austin, Nick, and I over to Willamette Pass for a Downhill race.

On Saturday the 25th at about 12pm we arrived at the Willamette Pass Inn to check into our chalet, and dump off our stuff. After getting situated we were off to ride, we practiced on our trail a good amount of times the first day, we also explored and rode a lot of the other trails on the mountain. we ended up leaving because of how tired we were at around 3:30, getting in at least 3 full hours of practice.

All three of us were super hot and tired, so we decided to cool off by going to a local lake the water was cold at first but we got used to it.  After swimming for awhile we saw people riding on a 3 wheeled boat bike, and we had to try it. We started to pedal around the lake and found a floating water trampoline and jumped on it until we had to return the boat bike. Everyone was hungry so we cleaned up headed to Oak Ridge for dinner.

It was race day and the butterflies had kicked in, I was excited and couldn’t wait to race i felt really fast until almost the bottom of my run, when i was caring way to much speed into this dark heavily treed area and clipped a tree that sent me into the trees.

On my second run I felt kinda scared and cautious but still pushing it. I ended up in second place with a time of 5:47 putting me right in between Nick and Austin all three of us were on the podium! after podium we took a joyride with some other guys that had raced as well down my favorite trail El-Paso. Everyone was tired and ready to go, we said goodbye to Willamette and we were on our way with one more stop before home, Pie, which was delicious.

Thank you, Unreal Cycles!!!!

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