Willamette Pass – Austin Lancaster

          Last weekend my Mom, Enzi, and I took a two day trip to Willamette Pass, OR for a Gravity race called the warp downhill. We hit the road Saturday at about 7am, with all the bikes and gear. We only made it to Shady cove were we stopped for an ice-cream breakfast.(yummy)
Unfortunately this was the only picture I took on the trip.

        So after our nutritious breakfast we drove the next two and a half long hours and arrived at Willamette Pass ski resort. Enzi and I were very exited for practice! We quickly bought our passes, headed toward the gondola, and were on our way up.  We had so much fun riding our race course and some of the other bike park trails. My favorite trail ended up being the pro course which I will be racing next time. After getting back to the hotel and eating, we rode around the town and explored an old hiking trail and some quad trails. When I got back to the hotel I took a shower and fell asleep.

      I woke up and It was race day. Mom made us some eggs and toast and then we drove back to the ski resort to get another practice run in. We ended up doing two practice runs, and I was feeling fast. Before I knew it I was hearing the 5 second countdown. I used my first run as a seeding run to see where I was sitting compared to my opponents. I was in first by .6 seconds with a time of 5:55. I was not happy even though I was in first, I knew I could have done better. So when I was hearing the countdown to my second run I got my self very motivated. 5,4,3,2,1,GO. Everything I was thinking about disappeared as if I had no thoughts (or no brain..). I peddled over the finish with every last muscle, and was happy. Every section of my run was fast and clean. The results put me ten seconds faster than my first run, but I was also put into second place compared to my other competitors. Overall Willamette pass was one of my most fun races of the year. Thanks Uneal Cycles!

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