I’m Back

Cross season is almost here; and while I love ‘cross I’m not really ready.

It’s still too hot (it’s summer still) and I have one more XC race left in my season. That race, The High Cascades 24, is not the race I wanted to be talking to you about. Last September, while doing the ‘cross races I shared with you last fall, I also set my sites on the World 24 Hour Championships scheduled for 9/15 and 9/16/2012 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

I dedicated all my training to the goal of being on the W24C podium in my age group. Hiring a mental skills coach on top of my fitness coach and traveling to Canmore to do a practice race in the same venue as the W24C are 2 of the more extreme examples of the lengths I was going too to prepare for the race. I really really wanted to be on a World Championship podium and felt I had a good shot at it. As it happened the promoters of the W24C, the 24 Hours of Adrenaline, pulled the plug on the W24C just 32 days before it was scheduled to go off.

I literally cried when I got the email. I was shocked and confused and bummed and didn’t really believe it at first. I mean how can you cancel a World Championship that has been on the books for a year just a month before it is scheduled?

Well they can and they did.  They did refund all the entry fees but that is not really compensation for all the time and energy and money I put into my podium goal.  I’m sure the hundreds of other racers from around the world aren’t happy either.

So what I did was get online and look for another 24 hour solo race where I could use the fitness and mental skills I’ve been building for a year with a mid-September peak in mind.  And I found such a race in Bend Oregon, The High Cascades 24 Hour Race 9/8 and 9/9.

My Lady and I made the 8 hour trip to Bend this Labor Day weekend so I could check out the venue and get in a pre-ride of the course. I think it’s going to be a fun one. I got off course on the pre-ride so I didn’t see it all but from what I did see it’s going to be a good ride. The course is a total of 16 miles made up of about 10 miles of sweet single track and 6 miles of fire road. A 16 mile lap is a little long for a 24 hour race so I’ll need to change up my food/pit strategy a little. I usually plan on 60 to 75 minute laps and these, I’m guessing, will be closer to 100 to 120 minutes.

So I’m gathering up supplies, getting my head ready, packing  lots of warm clothes (could be 32 degrees or less at night) so  I’ll be as ready as I can be this weekend.

My pit crew, Gene, (I couldn’t do my 24 hour racing without him) is also getting ready for our trip. He too is bummed that we aren’t going back to Canmore but he will be ready when I need him and we will have fun on our trip.

Stay tuned for my next report on my High Cascades adventure and following that I plan to share my ‘cross adventures on my beautiful Grammo CX bike.

In the meantime, “Keep the rubber side down and your front wheel in front of you.”

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