Tire choices

Thanks, again for the tire recommendations. The WTB Mutano Raptor w/DNA rubber offered a great amount cornering bite and confidence. Getting feedback from the front end is really important to me on loose, sketchy terrain, and that’s exactly what I got from it.

The WTB Prowler XT Race was also a great choice for the rear. The bike that I have these on is my “Do it all” bike, so getting a tire that gives me what I need to pedal, and descend makes my life better, and my ride more enjoyable, and again this tire recommendation was spot on for my needs.

I tested them out on the two sections of trail that have been the most challenging for me to find grip and control (Secret Squirrel, and Granite Trail). I had more way more confidence in the traction offered with this setup than I had with my previous setup, and as a result, I was able to ride quite a bit faster than I was before.

Pushing personal limits is how you improve, and it’s hard to do without that feeling of confidence in what’s under you.

So thanks again guys!

Best regards, Kjell

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