Unreal Junior Review

        First of all let me tell you that the Unreal Junior is an awesome looking frame, not to mention the white decals are under the clear-coat so that they do not scratch off or get washed off. The frame is made to use a integrated headset to be able to get the stem and bars as low as possible. It has a 71 degree head angle and an adjustable chain-stay length giving it many options for what you are riding. Unreal Cycles sells them for only $330, an extremely competitive price compared to other dirt jump frames, and come in red, white, and black
     Now in my opinion this is the best dirt jump frame I have ever ridden! I started dirt jumping on a Kona Shred, and then went to a Banshee Amp. After swapping my parts over from my Banshee to the Unreal, I fell in love! It rode like it was a couple pounds lighter and just responded to your movements much more than my previous frames. I would recommend this over any other dirt jump frame! Here are some pictures of my build.

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