Blackrock shred

Last Friday Russell, Jackson, Collin, and I (Austin) headed up to Dallas Oregon to get back on our downhill bikes, as our hometown trails are covered by snow. The drive up was about 3 1/2 hours, putting us at the Best Western hotel around 10 pm. We checked in, unloaded our bikes and gear, watched a movie in the room, and then went to bed.

The next morning we got up at 6:30 to get some Best Western breakfast nutrition. After getting all the gear together we hit up albertsons for some lunch, and then hit the road toward blackrock in Falls City, Oregon. We pulled in, parked, and pushed our way to the top of the hill for some fantastic riding.

The first trail we did was Upper Sunday Stroll. This was a lot of fun, but a little on the big side to warm up on. Then we continued to push up all the way to the top of Banzai. This was a great way to warm up as it has many small jumps and fast flowy sections. 

Then we tied into Sticter gnar, Blackrock’s downhill race course, and rode this all the way down to the bottom. We all hiked up once again to ride Grannies Kitchen. On this trail there were a couple things on my bucket list I wanted to do, and since I don’t go to Blackrock very often, today was my opportunity. 

The first thing that we came up to was the E.T. jump. A good size step-down into a little valley with a very long wide landing. Too my luck there were two men already there having a session on this jump. I hiked up to the roll-in and went for it. Just a couple pedal strokes later, I was in the air flying. It ended up being so fun, that I did it four more times.


       VIDEO LINK: Blackrock E.T. Jump

The next feature down the trail was the Halo Drop. I have already done the smaller one that is about 6 feet, but now I was ready to do the one that is about 10 feet depending on how fast you hit it. Again, I was sitting above the feature very scared, but went for it anyway. It gave me tons of airtime but a few seconds later the landing was on hard impact. 

VIDEO LINK:  Blackrock Halo Drop
I was very happy to get it off the bucket list also. We rode this trail all the way to the bottom where Russell and Jackson headed down to take a break and ride basic trailing skills area, and Collin and I hiked up to get one last run in. 

We rode down Banzai rippin up the corners and slashing the jumps. It was a great last run, and the trip was epic.


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