A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go riding up at Blackrock with my step dad  Russ, and my stepbrother, Austin.

My trip started out as the usual, waking up at times no sane person would think about attempting and hitting the road from my house in Central Point.

It took about three and a half hours till we reached the town of Monmouth.  Once there, we headed to the hotel we had rented for the night.  I was really hyped up about riding, and I was just getting the hang of my new bike, a Commencal Supreme Free Ride.   Thanks to my sponsor, Unreal Cycles, my ride was flawless.

What I was not stoked about was the hiking.   But it was definitely worth it.   At first I hit up basic training, my breath steaming in the cold air as I made sure I had it all down.

Especially the drops. I was planning to hit the big Halo drop later in the day. We finally made it to the top, gasping for air, but filled with excitement.

The runs where perfect, and they had done some trail work since I had been there last, so it was kinda like eating Half baked, (a really good ice cream) but on a bike.  In other words it was sweet!

On one of the runs I threw a stezzy bar-turn. I left that one feeling more confidence in myself as a rider. Nearing the end of the day we found ourselves at the E.T. jump, a near thirty footer with an elevated lip.

I followed Austin into it, and besides the fact that it was super scary, it was awesome.

Next up was the Halo Drop. It’s about ten feet, if you hit it with speed, and definitely adrenaline rushing. Before I knew it, I was following Austin into it.   However, I immediately realized that my feet had slipped off the pedals and I wasn’t going to land rubber side down.

I smacked into the ground, giving myself quite a headache and completely knocking any air whatsoever out of my lungs.

I guess I’m lucky I walked off with no major injuries except for a broken front brake cable.

That pretty much sums up my ride!  I’d like to thank my sponsor for helping me get to experience this riding!

I can’t wait to do it again.

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