Night Ride / Logging Session

Fish put the call in for our traditional Thursday night ride.  Sun was out, temp was up everything looked great, Let’s go shred!

Rigs lined up with eager participants

Fish took to his usual duty of working out the shuttle math, or “Shuttlenomics” as he called it.
With bikes loaded we hit it.
With any early season ride, after the snow melt, we ran into our first downed tree.

Got Lumens? 

Then another down tree…
And another…

With the continued efforts of the riders on the night ride turned logging session, featuring tools like the fold out hand saw and lots of collective tree humping,  we moved more than five downed trees from the trail.

Packing up the bikes after a successful, no injury, no mechanical ride we found it wasn’t to be.  Jeff had a flat on his Subaru.  

It was however changed in record time and we were off for Mexican food!
Great first ride for me, many more to come.

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