NW Cup #1

Last weekend Jackson, Collin, my Dad, and I set off for the first race of the season at Port Angeles. After school thursday night we drove up to Vancouver Washington, and then friday morning finished the drive up. When we got there we practiced from 12-5 pm and had a blast riding the cat 2 course. We even got to ride the cat 3 and cat 1 courses that were a ton of fun. On Saturday we got to practice from 1-5 pm. This time it was a little muddy but still lots of fun. We rode a bunch of trails on the mountain, but also practice out course.

Sunday we woke up at 6 am to go up to the mountain. When we got up to the track it was raining and muddy. Everyone in our group decided to skip practice. We all hiked up the cat 1 course and watched the pros practice and qualify. After that we got some food and put fenders on the bikes to prep for the muddy course. On the way up in the shuttle it was raining, but once we got to the top the rain stopped. We still had over an hour until our race run, so we hiked down the course to see how bad the mud was. Luckily, the mud had started to dry up and wasn’t too bad. We watched a couple people come down the course, and then hiked back up to get our gear on. Just a few minutes later in the start. Then exploding off of the rollin and givin er my all. 

The run felt like it fast but I wasn’t thinking I would get podium, but once I saw the results and read I got third, I was stoked. We all hung out after the runs waiting for podium and eating some pulled pork. On the podium I got a glass that said NW Cup on it. Then we left for the 8 hour drive home. I cant wait for my next race at Sea Otter!

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