Now Open for Business

Unreal Cycles store front, now open for business at 395 S Front Street in Central Point, OR

It’s taken a lot of effort over the last six weeks, but, after being in business for over fifteen years Unreal Cycles now has a store front to call home.

First item on the agenda, a spot of paint.
Next, with the raw materials, over a hundred feet of freshly powder coated black tube and a metric ton of Speed Rail fittings, the place starts to take shape.

Insert tube A into Slot B and repeat… should have Go Pro time lapsed this bit…

Just hold that there Kirk.
Bolt that up Peter

Framed counter and work area.
Finished counter complete with diamond plate tops.
Big space there… something missing… 
Flat screen.
We found out, this was a three man job with Troy holding the ladder to make it four.  It could NOT be done with two… although we tried!
Final adjustment to the mount. 
Just add product… instant bike shop!
We’ve got your tires in stock.
The store is now open daily.  For store hours, grand opening details and offers stay tuned to this news feed or 

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