Black Rock
I have opined that The Black Rock mountain bike area is probably the single most exciting destination in Oregon for the mountain biker.  Not that we don’t have really cool and exciting places all over Oregon, but come on!  Black Rock is a jewel among jewels.
Each summer, I sketch out my race, ride, bike event calendar and hope with all my heart that Black Rock will run shuttles or have a race or some sort of event that allows for a large group of equally excited bike enthusiasts to join in a weekend of pure fun in Falls City, Or.
This past weekend, my dreams and prayers came true.  Not all my dreams mind you.  I have a few more, like world peace, winning the lottery and traveling the world.  Still waiting on those.  Going to Black Rock will have to suffice for now and it did not disappoint on many levels. 
I would list everyone that attended the 2013 early summer shuttle event but the list is long and if I missed anyone, I would feel bad.  I do know that a large group from Southern Oregon attended as well as many others that I see around from time to time.  People from all over the world, or at least the U.S. were there enjoying the ability to rip down the mountain and take a quick shuttle back up to ride down again and again. 
As a side note on the attendees, you are all awesome.  I have never met a better bunch of people.  The people involved in the mountain biking community are always willing to help each other, enjoy watching the skills of those more adept and cheering on the new riders as they learn and progress.  I always look forward to running into old friends and meeting new ones.  Cheers to all of you! 
If you haven’t made it to Black Rock, you need to know that there are trails for the novice, trails for the intermediate and trails for the purely insane.  There were kids as young as 8 riding and old guys like me and older getting in touch with there mortal side.  Didn’t I write an earlier blog called Thrill Seeker?  Well this is the place to seek your thrill.  Black Rock has jumps, drops, step ups, hips, berms, man made wood features and some of the best dirt on earth! 

Thank all the people that volunteer at Black Rock.  You do a fantastic job by making the trails fun, user friendly and challenging if that is what you desire.

From one thrill seeker to a bunch of others, thanks for the great weekend!  We did some crazy stuff with nominal injuries.  Off to ice my foot so I can ride with the gang tonight!  

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