Blackrock – Jackson

I imagine Blackrock as a miniature Whistler, every time I go there I seem to improve my riding skills. So you can imagine how stoked I was on getting to go there again last weekend. We packed up and took off right after school ended on Friday. Three hours later we arrived in Dallas, where we spent the night. We woke up early (too early) to catch the first shuttle. The experience on the ride up resulted with pains in my lower back due to bumpy roads and single-track minded drivers. But the rest of the day was awesome. I hit the E.T. Jump, along with the small Halo drop, and also the Sunday stroll line, and the Sector Gnar road gap. My favorite trail was Sunday Stroll, and my favorite feature was the E.T. jump.

Day two was the accomplishing day, I hit all of the Grannies Kitchen line except for the stepup, witch Austin did, of course. And the concluding ride was Dinos, where I hit every feature on the trail. Overall, that was a trip for the books.

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