One thing I have noticed in this world…

One thing I have noticed in this world, well I have noticed more but since I am a man, I tend to overlook a lot.  Or so I’m told by women in my life and perhaps my son Austin, oh and my daughter Joelle and …. Well, okay, I overlook stuff sometimes.
So, among many things in life, the joy of biking has an equal joy or at least a close second joy.
The joy that I am speaking of comes in the form of showing others the joy of biking…. To be more specific, the joy comes in showing trails to people that have yet to enjoy those trails.
Last night was no exception.  Not only did I get to ride my bike, I was able to show a friend some trails that he had heard of but had yet to experience.  So, through my previous experience, I was able to afford another a joy only second to the joy of biking.  New Trails!  At least to him….   They are still some old favorites of mine..   That’s pretty cool.
It all started with a text from my friend asking when we would ride!  I said, how about tonight (actually last night because I’m currently writing this in the middle of the day and to write this we had to have ridden already and therefore couldn’t be tonight).  So, we headed up to Wagner to ride last night.  My friend had only ridden the ever famous Chucks Chips but didn’t know how to find any other trails.  So, in good biker fashion, I showed him the entrance to PBR and took him down Old Man’s.  After which, we hit up Chuck’s. 
This guy is no novice.  This guy shreds the trails.  He hit them like he had done them a thousand times. 
Along with Tallon Stidham, Austin Lancaster, Jenny Mitchell and me, Tim Thuren is no longer an Old Man’s Virgin.  I don’t mean that in the gross way… He just had never experienced the trail and now he has…  and he killed it… 
Keep an eye out on the results of the Oregon Enduro Series; Tim’s name is in there somewhere.  Oh, and as a side note, I hear that Louis Mollett completely ripped up the trails in Hood River last weekend.  Way to go young man!

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