Review: 2012 Commencal Meta SX

The Commencal Meta SX in my garage has changed everything about the way I ride and has maxed out my Fun Factor. At 47 years old I have begun to “take to the air” in a way that I would never have dared on my former All Mountain rig. This bike plain, ”gets it” !!! 
I have been riding this bike for about three months. I raced it at the Sea Otter DH Race and the Ashland Spring Thaw DH. Rode a shuttle day at BlackRock (BRMBA). Have been on countless rides to the Wagner Butte trails, Ashland Watershed, and Jacksonville Forest Park Trails. With a low bottom bracket, 66 degree head angle, Fox 36 Float R fork, and Rock Shox Reverb dropper post, the Meta SX carves corners, leaps doubles, and keeps me out of trouble when I get in over my head. It makes up for lack of talent and makes me look good doing it. It is 2.5 lbs lighter than my last steed and pedals light and fast even with big tires on it.
If you’ve ever rode a bike that has you high centered and pushing the inside edge of the front tire through the corners as it screams for traction, … This is not that bike. Imagine leaning back, pre-loading the suspension though the tree dodging corners on Chuck’s Chips, and carving those corners off the inside edge of the back tire …. Kinda like “skiing powder with your tips up”. This is that bike… So Much Fun !!!
The Meta SX is the longest travel, at 6.3 inches, that Commencal offers with two chain rings. It sports a 26/39t up front and 11-36t 10 spd out back. I have a second MRP crank set with a 35t and MRP guide and can convert it to 1×10 in about 45 min which makes the bike perfect for downhill runs at Wagner Butte, BlackRock , Shasta, or your local DH or Enduro Race …
My Meta SX was a display model for Unreal Cycles at the 2012 Sea Otter. I reassembled it and enjoyed a first demo ride down from Mt A in the snow over a year ago. The frame went racing in the NW Enduro Series and Super D races with a much faster guy than me in a different configuration. At the end of his season the bike was returned reassembled, frame and Fox shock in great shape with it’s nearly used driveline, wheels and fork. That’s when I got my hands on it.
I have wanted this “ride changing” bike since the first time I rode it …
Yours is brand new, … At the Unreal Cycles Shop on Front Street in Central Point, OR.
Submitted by: Brian T. White, Central Point, OR

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