The Weekly Wag….

Thrill Seekers Unite!  May 30th, 2013, an Epic Ride on an Epic Trail or Two…!

Most of the locals know about the weekly Thursday night fun that happens at the end of the pavement in Talent….

Most of the locals also know that when the stars are aligned, the trails in Talent are second to none.

On May 30th, the angels sang, the seas parted, the bushes burned, and the stars were definitely aligned.

The bikes of choice for my ride, DH all the way.  I could sense that suspension, 26″ tires and a playful bike were in order.  Jenny Mitchell rode her Intense 275, Austin Lancaster was on his Commencal and Nick White his Morewood.

As we arrived to the designated bike rider meet up spot, it was an odd site to see only one other person had arrived to ride the Wag.  Raph P. was waiting at the side of the road and we quickly decided to load his bike on my car and head up for an Old Man’s and a Chucks duet of divine dirt down hill.  Raph agreed that I would drive up and he would shuttle me back to my car after our ride.  Shortly before our departure, Dave (FISH) Patterson arrived and stated that many like him would be there soon to hit the trails. 

We made it to Old Mans and I took the lead with Raph and Jenny behind me.  The boys (Austin and Nick) decided to hit another trail and meet us at the bottom.  I hit Old mans like never before, fast and furious, I was hooting and hollering inside where it counts and could hear Raph and Jenny doing it out loud.  It was going to be a fun ride. 

Thanks to the work by a few good men, the trail was clear and had some fun new features added along the way.  But as most bikers know, it’s all about the dirt and the dirt was amazing!  We had just had a bit of rain with some drying making the dirt tacky.  Not in the plaid and stripes kind of tacky but the tires sticking like glue sort of tacky. 

It’s not often that I feel the comfort of just letting go through jumps, berms, roots and rocks but on this ride; my tires would no quit gripping through the turns.  My thrill button was pushed to its max…  The yippee factor was on high!

We arrived at the bottom of Chucks to find a few friends lingering where the trail meets the road.  Joe Wallace, Yvette Wallace and Collin S, had just finished Chucks and were feeling the moment as we were.  All of us grinned, spoke of the dirt and took a deep satisfying breath….

In the true spirit of the aligning stars and despite Raph’s need to head home; the shuttle situation worked perfectly as Collin was able to shuttle us to our car.  Yes, Collin can drive and all should beware.  His car is pretty sweet though.  Bumping Stereo, pristine interior and low mileage!  Thanks for the ride Collin, it made for a fun end to our already EPIC adventure….

Until next time!  (Black Rock this weekend!!!  STOKED!!!)

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