Labor day ride / Grammo Tere

Labor day landed yesterday and as usual there’s always too much work to do to even think about a day off.
Having said that, it got to lunch time and I’d had enough.
Local legend “the Fish” called and offered us an afternoon ride, so we jumped!
I myself have been itching to try out the Grammo Tere full suspension carbon 29er.  My college was eying the Santa Cruz Bronson and Fish turned out on his newly build Canfield Yelliscreamy.
As usual, no time to stop and take pictures once we got riding.  I need to remember to bring the GoPro more often to get some shots.
Below are the shots of the bikes on the rack.
The Grammo performed beautifully, I’m used to riding its’ hardtail titanium brother which I love, but the full suspension bike surprised me with how precise it felt.  It steered quick and rolled faster than I remembered the hard tail rolling those trails.  I’m looking forward to getting the rear shock dialed where I want it and taking it out for another go.  More to come…
All in all a great way to spend a week day afternoon, in the woods riding bikes!
I’m going to beat my college until I get a Bronson review from him, watch this space…

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