The Bronson Summer and various other Shenanigans

Hello All,
It’s been awhile and despite some injuries and near death experiences, I’m still alive and kicking..
Since my last blog, I have been to Whistler, Stevens Pass, and Northstar twice.  Just before the Whistler trip, I picked up a bright and shiny new Santa Cruz Bronson from Unreal Cycles.  It was put together with an XX1 set up that is in my opinion, the best thing ever.

The Bronson’s first adventure was in Whistler.  Despite Whistler’s claim to fame of Crankworx, extreme downhill action and big hits, there is an amazing network of all mountain and xc trails that will put anyone to the test.  The Whistler Valleyis littered with the most incredible trail system in the world!  Okay, perhaps I am getting overly excited, but seriously, I love the diversity and abundance of riding possibilities in such a small area.

You can be on the lift access mountain one day and then hop on your xc/all mountain bike the next and be on trails within 10 minutes, in any direction.  I didn’t quite feel comfortable taking the Bronson on the lift access mountain but would now.  It can handle it all.
Because of an injury, (on my Trek) at Whistler, the Bronson was put into retirement for about a month.  The weekend after Whistler, I drove Austin to Stevens Pass for one of the NW Cup races.  Austin won in his age group and I sat on the side lines cheering him to victory.  
Northstar offers lift access mountain biking as well and has a race series in the summer.  I made one trip without the Bronson and this last weekend, I raced the Bronson in one of the downhill series events.  It was a blast.
I have ridden a few different whips and if you are told that size doesn’t matter, you are being lied to.  You must also take into consideration, travel and head angles.  When all conditions and equipment are in alignment, you get the ride of your life.
I have had a Trek Session DH bike with 26″ rims, I have not one, but two 29ers…  a Trek HiFi and a Commencal Meta 29er and now, I have a Bronson with 27.5″ rims.  I must say, for all over ride and ability, the Bronson is the winner.  That is not to say that the Session or either of the 29ers doesn’t have a place in the stable.  If you have but one choice in a bike and desire some all mountain action, the Bronson is pretty unbeatable for climbing, descending and overall playfulness.

The Bronson is light, agile, will take you uphill with ease and attack jumps, rocks and roots with purpose. Northstar was the perfect place to test out the Bronson on every type of terrain.  I hit some big jumps and ripped through some gnarly rocks.  I peddled out of some low spots and fire roads.  I also boosted it off some rock drops.  Although not as plush as my DH bike, with some fine tuning, I think I can get it close.  

With that being said, my Bronson helped me to podium and with a bit more familiarity; I can turn my 3rd place finish into #1 in no time.  

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