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My name is Austin Lancaster; I am 15 years old and currently live in Central Point, Oregon. Central Point is in the Rogue Valley at the southern most end of Oregon on the Oregon/California Border. We are blessed to be surrounded by mountains and moisture. One of the benefits of living in the Rouge Valley is the abundance of mountain bike trails we have all around us. From Grants Pass to Ashland, we have every type of trail imaginable, a strong cycling community, and a united group of riders that strive to improve the possibilities for the next generation of riders.

I was first introduced to the two-wheeled world through motocross racing as a young kid. After my cousin took me to a local race (The Spring Thaw in Ashland), I decided to sell my dirt bikes and switch to non-motorized thrills. I picked up a used Kona Stinky 2-4 and never looked back.

I started riding downhill bikes in Ashland when I was just 10 years old. Throughout the next five years I have improved my riding skill dramatically. I ride whenever possible and anywhere possible. I have a dirt jump bike for local urban fun, I ride the local trails consistently with friends and riders groups, I attend events all over the West Coast from Sea Otter to racing the NW Cup in Port Angeles, WA. I also hone my skills by attending workshops and camps like The Camp Of Champions at Whistler or hanging out at Windell’s for the day to hit the foam pit.

Although I love all forms of riding, my one true love is downhill racing but any type of riding keeps me smiling and improves my skills. I have played hard in the Lair in Bend, OR and at the Post Office Jumps in Aptos. My cross-country skills have been tested in Northern California and Southern Oregon where I am no stranger to the podium. My favorite event at Sea Otter is the dual slalom. I have ridden from Whistler in Canada to Northstar in California and everywhere in between. I have more destinations on my bucket list for 2014.

Because of my passion for the sport of cycling I volunteer whenever I can to do trail work. I also attend local mountain bike association meetings and through my family I am a member of IMBA. I do all of this while I maintain my status of an honors student at my school.

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