A Weekend Ride – John’s Peak

We took to the hills this weekend on our local trails in Forrest Park in Johns Peak.
Peter and Lewis from the shop met with Kirk who is the proud new owner of a Santa Cruz Nomad to take advantage of the good weather.
We cheated a little and got a ride as far up as the trucks could take us.  We then rode the last section to the top of Mike n Ike.  
The trail was in good condition after the work we put in last year, with the usual ruts in the usual spots caused by water running down and dirt bikers coming up.  It needs a run through with the clippers to trim the branches back which are at eye level all the way down the hill.
I’d had my Reverb fixed as well as new pads and rotor on the back of the Grammo Toa Ti.  I was excited to have the dropper back in action, having little to no brakes on the back end of the bike made for an interesting return to Mike n Ike.  I survived with heavy front brake use and lived to ride another day.
We dropped out of Mike n Ike and pedaled back up the hill to the boundary trail.  We dropped into the Gulch trail which again was in surprisingly good shape.  The whole hill was wide open and rideable.  
With no mechanicals and no falls it was a great ride.  
The rest of the SD card is dumped into an album on the facebook page. 
First on the scene.

Lots of options on trails to ride around here.

Climbing to the top, stopped for a breather. 

Try and get a shot with everyone’s eyes open! 

Ready to drop in.

If we clean up the bikes and put them back in the shop no one will ever know!

This bike needs a bath.

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