Jacksonville DH race

A few weeks ago I competed in the first Flow Cup race of the series out in Jacksonville. The course was from the top of gulch trail, through the all the rocks, and then down to the flowy granite trail. I went up Saturday to practice the course and register. Sunday, I practiced in the morning and then shuttled back up the hill to race. Peter and Lewis from Unreal Cycles were out there doing the timing for the race. They even had an electronic motocross gate at the start. Once it was my turn I loaded up in the gate and waited for the count down. I exploded out of the gate, smashed through the rocks, and pedaled my way through the finish for a solid time of 4:16. On my second run I was a lot faster through the rocks and was able to take 2 seconds off my my first time. In the end I took first in my category (cat 1), and second overall. In all it was a great time, and a really cool experience to have a DH race right in my own back yard.

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