AJ’s Ashland Mountain Challenge Report

It’s was that time, race day. The Ashland Mountain Challenge was back in town. I was racing open JR Men and we set off from Bull Gap, stage  3, at 10:01.  Stage 3 was the longest stage, going all the way to white rabbit, and was by far the most demanding.  From there it was BTI and down to the reservoir, stage 4. I felt strong on my first two stages, with a slight mechanical on catwalk, stage 3.   After BTI we headed out to stage 2, better known as Hit Road. It was a 5.5 mile climb up in the heat of summer and after arriving to the top road I dropped into the stage blind.

All in all I finished 9th in open JR Men. Unreal did an amazing job with timing the stages. The timing was literally laser precise and the results were produced incredibly fast.  No better sponsor then Unreal Cycles.

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