Austin’s Hamaker DH Report

Austin’s Hamaker DH Report

 I headed east to Keno, Oregon on Saturday morning to practice the course. It was extremely hot and dry in Keno, and the dirt was loose. In practice I got all my race lines dialed and stayed rubber side down. In my case, Schwalbe side down.

 The next morning we went back up to the mountain to get one last practice run in before the race, while Peter and Lewis set up the Unreal Timing System.

In my practice run I came into a berm a little bit fast. My front wheel dug into the soft dirt and I went flying over the bars. Luckily I didn’t get hurt, and continued on with my practice.

 In my first race run I tried to remember that slower is faster, especially on this course with really soft dirt. I did have a few sketchy moments but overall it was a decent run.

In my second run I went all out and went off the course a few times. At that point I just cruised down, knowing that I blew that race run. My first run ended up being the faster run of course, and put me into 1st in cat 1 open, out of 3 riders.

Once everyone was done with their race runs we headed down to the campsite in town where the ceremony was. Mike Rinnan did a great job with the awards and raffle. Thanks to Mike, Serena, Peter, and Lewis, for putting on a great DH race. Everyone had lots of fun, and I’m sure we will be back soon.

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