Flow Cup Racing DH # 1

Rider reports from Flow Cup DH #1
My weekend started out with minimal sleep, and some long work hours. I started my work day at 2 am Saturday morning, finished at 11 am, got cleaned up and headed down to Unreal Cycles to get loaded up.
Up until the day of departure, we had planned to drive up in the truck and get a room that night. To my surprise Peter and Lewis had decided to take the race hauler to run out of and sleep in. This thing is sweet, a full work shop in the back, wall mounted Thule racks, and sick living quarters we knew we would be showing up in style.
The drive up was full of laughs and good times as we joked around as usual, mostly aimed at AJ Millspaugh. We finished off the trip up with dinner at a small Chinese place near the race. After dinner we headed up to the venue to have a quick peak at the track and see where we would set up for the race. Once that was all sorted out we got settled in for the night, had a couple cold ones and hit the hay.
Race day morning was the first time is hit the track on my Unreal Cycles, Santa Cruz V10. Although I had no idea where I was going my bike was more than happy to shred down the trail. Speaking of the trail, it was pretty raw! Super short, some steep parts, technical bits, a few jumps and undulations, and a decent pedal right out if the gate it was going to be some tight racing.
Flow cup racing was teamed up with Unreal Cycles for the timing, so as expected the race went off flawlessly using the new jam format. Multiple runs in one day, and the ability to go whenever you are ready creates a really unique racing atmosphere. I was able to get in a total of 5 race runs. The first one being a busy as I went of course multiple times. The second was good as I was able to post the fastest time yet for the day. My third run didn’t go as planned as I had caught something with my pedal and went over the bars. Somehow I lost my shoe as well. Luckily I found it and finished off my run. Runs 4 and 5 were both progressively faster but not fast enough. At the end of the day I ended up with a 4th place finish and a time of 1:23.1. The times were close with first place being only 3 seconds faster.
At the end of the weekend we all had a blast! The raffle was great, awards were fun and laid back, we got in a few fun runs after the race, packed up the trailer and hit the road for the long drive home. Which wouldn’t have been possible without Lewis and his Alison transmission backed Chevy Duramax! Also a huge shout out to Peter for the support of the team, Derek for keeping all of our bikes dialed, and all the volunteers at the event.
We took off from central point mid Saturday the car ride to Shellburg was full of jokes and shutdowns by Derek, nuff said. 4 hours later we landed down in Shellburg we stopped to get some ‘spicy’ Chinese. After food we took to the hill were we camped out for the night In the luxurious unreal camper. Come Sunday it was race time we were up early Caleb and I headed up to get a couple practice runs and then it was show time. The course was step and jerky overall it was really fun all of my teammates did phenomenal I ended up with a 1st in cat 2 Austin also found a podium with a 2nd place finish in cat 1 and Caleb was just shy of a 3rd in open pro. This weekend is one to remember. Team unreal

A Live band was provided at the finish for our listening pleasure: 
Start Line Shots

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