NW Cup Finals in Port Angeles

        The NW Cup finals brought Caleb, Russell, and I up to Port Angeles, WA, one of the best riding areas in the Pacific Northwest.  For a change, mother nature decided to hold off on the rain, and make PA extremely dry, hard-pack, and loose. It was a lot of fun to ride it without it being muddy. Managing your speed down the track was very difficult, but made all the jumps and gaps much easier.

       On saturday’s practice, Caleb and I did a track walk while Russell practiced the cat 2 course. Once practice times switched to cat 1 and pro, Caleb and I headed up on the shuttle. The track conditions didn’t change much from friday, and made for some fast practice runs. I managed to clean up a few lines that I wasn’t able to get in Friday’s practice. After Practice, I headed up for the seeding run. Overall the run was decent, but I had a slide out in a loose corner that cost me a few seconds. I ended up seeding 7th.
       On Sunday I went up and did my last practice run before finals started. It went pretty good, but I definitely held back and rode smooth. Between my practice and race run Caleb and I went up the track and heckled some of the cat 2 riders. After heckling, we headed up the shuttle to the top. I did the usually stretches and warm-ups and then got into the start. After watching the guy starting in front of me crash on the first turn because of how dry it was, I knew that I needed to be smooth and in control coming into it. Once the beeps came, I pedaled out of the start. Of course, my derailleur cable decided to snap, and instantly shifted me into my hardest gear. I tried to put that past me and just continue to ride. Most of the track was not pedaly, so it didn’t effect me too much. Unfortunately once I got to the turn that I slid out in, in qualifying, I slid out again and lost a few seconds. Again, I put it past me and continued on with my run, staying smooth and riding fast. The rest of my run went well, and I crossed through the finish strong. 

      I ended up taking 7th out of 13, and took 7th overall for the series out of over 40 junior x racers. I am very happy that I made it throughout the NW Cup series without any injuries, and was able to get an overall. I look forward to next year to train harder, ride faster, and put in better results. Thanks to all that have sponsored and supported me this season!

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