Gettin’ Dirty

So I really believe training for the double century is going to require a lot of hours in the saddle.  I don’t mean the 5 to 7 hours it normally takes for a century.  I’m talking HOURS!  But, that starts next week.

The rain this weekend gave me a perfect excuse to go out, get muddy, and put in some good leg burning miles.

Saturday was spent on the MTB.  Hammered out a couple thousand feet of climbing in a pretty good downpour before heading back down the hill to the car and its very welcome heater.

Sunday found me and about 40 other people in Weed, CA for Thom Kneeland’s Shasta Valley Honey Badger, an unsupported gravel grinder.  I managed to stay with the 5 others in the front pack for the first 32 miles until slogging through the mud on the CX bike finally caught up to me and I got dropped on a hill sprint.  The rest of the ride was pretty much straight into a 15 mph headwind, so I definitely got my workout on that day!  But really, when a ride starts at a brew pub, ends at a brew pub, and has about 50 miles of gravel laced riding all while keeping Mt. Shasta in view, it’s hard to complain about any of it.



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