Caleb Goes Climbing

Well for starters, my legs are jello… Why? Because I just did a climb up Roxy Ann and it was killer! This year I decided to step up my training program by changing up my diet, riding more often and in different disciplines, as well as continuing with my weekly moto rides to stay fit. Last weeks ride was dry, the weather was beautiful, and we had a total of nine guys out for the ride. This week was the polar opposite. Raining, muddy, and with half the crew we set of for our ride.

The view was equally as good as the previous week. But the conditions definitely made things a bit more exciting. Sticky mud clung to our tires making things a bit tricky to get up the hill. But we prevailed and were treated to an awesome overlook of the valley.

 The ride down was a bit wild! With minimal traction we slipped and slid our way to the bottom. To say the least it was an awesome night! 


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