Great day for a Roxy climb

While locking the shop up Saturday night, I thought to myself… “It’s been far too long since I had a go on my bike”  I’ve been distracted with riding the motorized versions and lots of work to do.

Without further a do, Sunday morning we, Peter and I,  loaded the bikes on the truck and set off towards Prescott Park for a nice mellow climb.

The mind was willing, the legs were struggling, bordering on no  recollection of ever being there before.

The pull up to that gate is by far the most difficult part of the ride, those who have accomplished it will agree.

We descended, landing back on the road via Ponderosa Trail.  Ti Toa photo op.

At this point we pointed back up the hill to get the back side loop in and ran into a good friend of the shop Mike Towery.  We attempted to keep his pace back to the top of the hill and down the other side.

Upon completion of our ride we were off for a much earned coffee stop.  Best way to spend the first two hours of your Sunday morning, I think you’ll agree!


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