Up, up, up.  Feels like climbing is all I’ve been doing lately.  But, a relative end is in sight!  Yes, the last three days have put me just 6000 feet short of my goal for the first half of February.

Tuesday, I was back on the Toa for more Roxy Ann Peak fun.  Last year, I created a little training ride that has me ride to just short of the top, do 5 laps, and ride back down.  It’s usually a fast and furious 20 miles of gravel glory.  This time was no different.  While fun and challenging, whenever I do this ride, I inevitably find myself seeing the same people out walking their dogs over and over as I go round and round the 2.5 mile loop.  Usually, by the 3rd lap I’m apologizing for the inconvenience they might feel for having to corral their dogs for the same dummy every 10 minutes or so.  Oh well, they are usually nice about it.

Wednesday, I was finally ready to give a little love to the C3.  I doubt the road bike missed me as much as I’d missed it, but one can dream.  Anyway,  as I was still in climbing mode, I decided to do some small, local hills including Carpenter, Pioneer, and Adams Roads, finishing with one of my favorite climbs, Anderson Creek.  It isn’t a long climb to where the pavement ends, but it’s visually pleasing and heart beatingly demanding if ridden hard.  And a fun descent!!

Finally, Thursday rolled around.  Another Unreal Cycles’ Roxy climbing session.  Again, we had a strong showing of 10 riders ready to brave some elevation gain in the dark.  I can only speak for myself, but I had a great time riding, talking, and having Adrian Bosch make me sprint to try and stay with him with my dead legs.

So far, the Thursday night shop rides are looking like a good thing.  But, come on.  When you get a group of people out doing something they’re passionate about how can it be anything but a good idea?

At this point, I have one more day to get the 6000′.  Saturday is supposed to be a nice day weather-wise, so I think I’m going into it with a very positive attitude.  I haven’t seen Butte Falls in a while, so maybe I’ll head that way.

If you’re riding this weekend, do something fun!!


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