Entering The Home Stretch

Wow!  What a week of riding this just was!  With the first Southern Oregon Time Trial race coming up on Saturday, I decided to devote the whole week to riding the road bike so I would be fully prepared for race day.  Um, no.  What did I do?  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I decided it was a GRAND idea to take the Toa out and tear up some dirt.  By “tear up some dirt” I mean go as fast as I can uphill and hope I don’t crash and die as I pick my way back down the mountain to my car.
So….Tuesday, I headed back out to Jacksonville for another go at the new trail, Atsahu.  Had a great time and despite the numerous switchbacks in the trail that are so tight you’d think whoever built them rides a bike that’s only 30″ long, I will say the trail is A LOT of fun and I can’t wait to ride it again.

Wednesday, I finally met up with my friend Eric after many ride cancellations and postponements for a climb up to 4 Corners.  While most of you that read this blog would crap your pants with laughter watching me try to descend Marty’s, Cat Walk, Toothpick, Caterpillar, and Alice I had so much fun it made me wonder why I don’t drive the 15 minutes to Ashland to ride more often.  (I’m sure you’re thinking, “What about BTI?”  Yeah.  I don’t need to crash again this close to my goal.)  And, I’m a sissy.

Thursday it was back to solo and back to Roxy.  I did what a few of my friends and I know as the Triple Bypass Ride.  Basically, you ride from the pavement up.  Climb Manzanita Trail to Roxy Ann Peak, go back down Manzanita.  Climb Ponderosa Trail to the top.  Go back down.  Climb Tower Road (Man, that road SUCKS!!!) to the top and go back down.  While none of these rides are necessarily the best idea with a TT race coming up a couple days later, I couldn’t help myself.  I love riding the Toa so much I can’t stop!!

But, I had to stop.

Because Saturday came and the race happened.  As of the time of this writing, the results have yet to be posted, but I think I did ok.  For those of you that haven’t done a Time Trial, it is pretty much a non-stop hammerfest from the second the timekeeper says go till the time you cross the finish line.

I have heard several times from “those in the know” that if you don’t throw up at the end you didn’t go hard enough.  I, personally, feel like I’m ABOUT to throw up after every TT so I guess I have a little more to give.  But, I don’t like puke, so I’m good with where I am.

Finally Sunday rolled around and found me meeting up with Jonathan and Destry for one last century before the Joshua Tree Double next week.

We started out with temps in the 40s (at last we are out of the 30’s!)  and made our way out towards Butte Falls Highway before hitting Dodge Road and finally climbing up and over Meadows Road where we decided to give Evans Creek Road a go.

If you do Evans Creek you have to stop at the Wimer Store, if not for a quick break and refreshment, then at least for a brief people watching session.  I’ll leave it at that.

From Wimer it was on out West Evans to Rogue River and on to Gold Hill where we thrrw a little gravel into the mix because my two “Newbie Centurions” hadn’t suffered enough.

After Blackwell Hill we were all ready for the home stretch and braved the overpopulated Greenway the rest of the way home.  All in all a great day and a great week.

While I always plan to take it easy before a big ride or race, this upcoming week I really think I will. 200 miles in the desert probably isn’t something I should take lightly.  Temps are forecast to be in the 80s and I hear it’s a dry heat.

Wish me luck and ride somewhere fun this week!


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