Mixing Things Up

Every Sunday, I take the time to review the rides I’ve done in the last seven days.  Today, I find it a little funny that this week, all my miles combined were less than the ONE ride I did last Saturday. But, I had a lot of fun this week and that’s what I feel this riding thing is all about anyway.
I started out with road rides both Tuesday and Wednesday.

I actually felt really strong on Tuesday having taken two days off after the big 170 mile day so I punched out a quick 30 miles after work and called it a success.

Wednesday marked the return of one of my favorite riding buddies, Shawn, from a long vacation in a much warmer place than the rest of us have been hanging out in.  We pushed each other pretty good and by the end of the ride I had my second 30 mile day in a row.

Thursday, the rain came.  Not only did the rain muddy up the trails for our Unreal Thursday Ride, it also washed away the good turnouts we’ve been having.  Five of us braved the rain and four of us braved the trails that I’ve repeatedly tried to warn people away from when it rains due to the sticky nature of the mud (nobody ever listens to me).  So, halfway up the mountain, we were rolling on mud covered tires with no tread even visible (I never listen to me either).  It was still a blast in the way stomping in mud puddles when you’re a kid is a blast.

Saturday…..Well, Saturday I didn’t really have to deal with rain.  No.  Once again, I was happy to have Shawn back in town.  He’s always up for a good adventure.  This time we rode out of the rain and into the snow.  Taking the CX bike up Anderson Creek and connecting to Wagner seemed like a good idea Friday night.  “Nah,” I told Shawn, “The snow won’t be a problem.  We probably won’t even see any.”
We did.

Once again, fun in a childish sorta way.  I think I might be starting to see a pattern here.  Is that why we ALL ride bikes?  Whatever.  Philosophy is for grown ups.  I don’t have time for that.

Sunday rolled around, along with temps in the 20s, as I met Derek in Jacksonville for some early morning MTB action before he met up with the RVMBA to cut some more trail for the ever-expanding local gem we know as Jacksonville’s Forest Park.

Almost anyplace you ride on John’s Peak (Forest Park) will not only reward you with some awesome aerobic exercise and sweet descents with all the climbing you have to do, but also some epic views.

This one is from the Twin Peaks Trail looking East toward Medford and the recently risen Sun.

That should probably have been enough for a week, but after spraying off the bike and saying adios to Derek, I hurried down the hill for a quick change of clothes, as well as bike, and met up with my long time friend, Alan for a road ride.

Thankful that the temperature had climbed into the 40s, we pedaled our way to the end of Table Rock Road to do some recon for the first race of the Southern Oregon Time Trial Series taking place next Saturday, the 7th.  It was also a chance to try out the carbon wheels Derek had just put on the C3 the day before.  (Holy crap, they’re awesome!!)

I pretty much feel like a kid every time I get to ride a bike.  This week was definitely no different, perhaps even more so.  I hope any of you riders that may be reading this have as much fun as I did this week.

Make it happen!

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