Its just like riding a bike ..

Its been some time, too long in fact but today I rode for only the third time this year.

True, you never forget how to ride a bike, but sometimes you forget why.

Only after ridding again after a long period off do you realize what an addicting sport it is.  

My mind was willing but my body complained and yet I never felt like stopping, the pain was just a minor part of the total enjoyment of being in the middle of nowhere with fellow cyclista.

The trails quickly became familiar, and the bike began to feel like an old friend there to help me negotiate the pristine dirt.  Was it the bike that remembered how to negotiate the hillside or was it just muscle memory from a time in the past when this activity was much more common ?  Either way it felt good, it was a natural high that needs to be repeated again and again.
By the time we got to the truck, it was all very familiar and as if I had never been away.  Why had it been so long since my last ride?  The answer is not important.  When is the next ride?  Now this one needs more consideration.
The itch now needs scratching.
Could we go again?  
The mind was saying “Lap Two” but the body had to say “next time”

I feel fortunate to be a part of the cycling community, a group who are passionate about an addictive pass time that offers so much and takes so little (what it takes from your wallet is another story!).

My name is Peter, I am a cycloholic, actively seeking a fellow addicts to help me help me arrange the next fix.

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