Where There’s a Will

While Shawn and I may have failed in our attempt at Everest immortality last weekend, we still managed 16,000 feet.  Something neither of us had done before.  In my mind that earned me a day off the bike.  Problem with that is, once again, my preferred riding schedule took a hit. 
So, Monday, I decided I would commute to work and do a short ride after to make up for missing Sunday.  I have to say, riding on the Greenway while it’s still dark is pretty satisfying.  Provided you don’t run over anyone using the path as their bedroom for the night, it is really quite peaceful and serene.
After 8 hours at my day job, I got back to my real work and hopped back on the bike, and for the first time ever I rode up Wagner Creek Road until the pavement ran out.  It was a fun climb with some short punchy sections that forced me out of the saddle.  Turning around, I knew what to expect from descending Wagner after gravel exploration rides in the past.  It is a LOT of fun as you can keep a high speed even through most of the corners without braking.  

Not ready to head home just yet, I turned left off of Wagner and started the climb up Anderson Creek.  Again I went to the end of the pavement and enjoyed another fast and fun descent before hitting Adams Road and working my way back to Medford to call it a day.
 After another rest day on Tuesday (HEY! My schedule’s already messed up anyway, remember?), Mark and I joined the Wednesday night group in Jacksonville for another climbfest up John’s Peak.  This time we went straight to the top and took a right on what I think is called Paradise Trail.  I could be wrong but that’s what Eugene and Andrew called it so blame them.  Thanks to rain and a lot of dirt bike action, the trail was in horrible shape.  With ruts so deep I don’t know how my pedals made it through, it was touch and go for me for most of the trail down.  
I only went over the handlebars once.  At least I landed on my feet.  By the way, thanks Kellan for lending my your fat bike for the night.  It was fun.  Except for the crashing part and the climbing part.  
With the Toa still in the shop for a rear hub upgrade and the C3 in the shop for some loving due to 110 miles worth of grit from the Flahute and 100 miles of rainy road grime from Everest, Thursday was spent on the Cross bike.

I hit Roxy up for a quick climb and a couple loops.  It  was a great afternoon with temps in the mid 70’s.  I’m so ready for summer!
I didn’t have anything big planned for the weekend so I decided to ride up to Mount Ashland as I hadn’t been up there since last September.
I met a friend, Jeff, at Coyote Trails and we headed south at just past 7 am.
It was a nice ride with a great guy and some good conversation.  Unfortunately, Jeff had some things to take care of (I’m guessing a Honeydo List!) and we separated after just 20 miles.
Continuing on up to Callahan’s, I felt really good and decided to push myself a little bit.  As usual for me, I managed a good pace until the last couple miles of climbing up the Mt A access road.  I never really popped, but I definitely slowed a little as I neared the end of the climb.  If you’ve never gone up to the lodge, you should.  There are some great views of the Rogue Valley, Mount Shasta, Pilot Rock, and lots of other cool stuff!

After descending the access road, I decided to turn right and head up to the Siskiyou Summit since I’d never ridden that far up the road.  Another mile and a half or so and I had a sweet view of the Colestin Valley.
I headed home and finished with a respectable 75 miles for the day.
Sunday, I finally had the Toa back and wanted to do something really fun.  Unfortunately, getting someone to join me for a ride in the boonies was like pulling teeth.  Ok, I’ve never pulled teeth, but I had one pulled, and the dentist wrenched on that sucker for 20 minutes.  It came out.  I wasn’t as successful and I was on my own.
It’s probably a good thing as my legs were telling me they didn’t feel like something epic.  I ended up back on Roxy for a climbfest.  You know, if you try hard enough you can put together a good 15 mile ride up there.  All you gotta do is climb both trails and the road to the top, throw in a couple loops and you’re golden.  That’s what I did.  
So, nothing big this past week.  No century.  No insane Everest ride.  Just a bunch of fun on a bike.  

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