Boggs blog 101

Step 1-  Arrive Friday in time to watch Hill Climb event (12ish min. uphill sprint) Take note of serious horsepower and size of field still rolling in for main    event. Don’t pre-run course, “you’ll have plenty of time to see it tomorrow”
Step 2-  8am mass start with 1000+/- racers, start towards the back, take it all in. Acknowledge that 1000+/- racers is a lot, maybe starting towards the back is not a good plan.  Observe herd mentality; “that person dismounted for no apparent reason, we should too”.  Moo.
Step 3- Enjoy miles of gorgeous single track like it should be, narrow, rocky, dusty, winding, technical goodness. You have 8 hrs, hammer when you feel like it, cruise when you want, chat with other riders. Take time to look around,it’s ok to notice your surroundings and enjoy yourself even though you have a number on your jersey.  Don’t skip the bacon and whiskey aid station, all the fun people are there, it must be good for you!
Step 4-  Repeat step 3 until it stops making sense. Don’t even count laps, just pedal. See how long you can stay in your “happy place”.  Note how the physical ability and the mental state are related, and can be manipulated for better or for worse. After the fun is long gone, do one more lap.  Commit the final hour + to pushing through, pain is fine, don’t be a sissy. 

Boggs was too much fun!

The Grammo Toa was perfect, featherweight climber, agile, and way faster than I should have gone on high-speed rocky descents, truly impressive.

Big thanks to Unreal Cycles for the rocketship!        -M

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