Haley’s Spring Thaw Coverage

This weekend I got the opportunity to help out with the 2015 Spring Thaw Race in Ashland. The cross-country part of the race consisted of a mass start on Saturday where I spent most of my time hanging about, taking pictures of the event. Despite the dreariness of the weather, I was able to grab some cool shots, especially on the short rocky descent at the start of the Catwalk trail. The downhill part of the race took place on Sunday, which turned out to be quite a nice day for riding. This two-stage race was timed differently than the first and required some extra hands to help out. So, I stayed with Peter at the stage one finish line to help out with recording each rider’s time. Watching each rider push through the finish line with their last ounces of strength and then recount their exciting trek made me wish I was somewhere by the trail capturing some sick action shots, but unfortunately I did not have the time. However, it was still a lot of fun just to be there and be able to help out.

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