Mountain Bike Maintenance

Coming off a nearly 200 mile road ride last weekend, I made a conscious effort to give the C3 a break.
Tuesday and Thursday were spent on Roxy and John’s Peak respectively.  The rides are mostly notable simply because there was mostly gravel or crushed granite passing below my tires versus the asphalt of last week. I did, however, achieve a first on Thursday night.  I ran into my fearless leaders, Peter and Derek, while they were shuttling some clients as they did some demo rides.  I got to watch Peter in action as he left me behind on the Hobo-Granite descent.

He knows how to ride a mountain bike.  I’m definitely still learning.

Saturday it was back on the Toa and up into the hills for a sweet 50 mile gravel grinding extravaganza with Shawn.  It started out just above 40 degrees and foggy, but I wasn’t complaining.  Spinning equals warmth! 

Cruising along the canals above Ashland is pretty fun.  By the time you reach them, most of the climbing is done and it’s just hammer time as you follow the flowing, gently descending, gravel road that runs alongside.
Admittedly, we were in some pretty remote spots at times and I’m not too proud to admit I was a little sketched out when we came across what we presumed to be a cougar’s chomp zone!  Lots of big bones (I’m talkin’ cow sized) with a little bit o’ edible stuff left on them.  I figured whatever was dining on these was likely to come back to finish the job, so I took evasive action.  Shawn “The Brave” reluctantly followed.

By the time we had 35 miles behind us, we were cruising along and thankful the sun had finally decided to pop out.

What a fun, exhausting day!
Sunday, it was up bright and early again to meet up with a group of awesome people at Sam Brown Campground in Josephine County.  Home of the Jedi Trail.
With the Return on the Jedi mtb race coming up in a couple weeks, some of us wanted to reacquaint ourselves with the course.  If you haven’t ridden the trails up there, go do it!!  Or, better yet, go do the XC race.  The trails are in great shape and loads of fun.

The final descent on the actual Jedi Trail is a blast and despite the poison oak ALL OVER the place, I can’t wait to go back.
With Monday off and finally missing the road bike again, I threw my normal schedule out the window and did a solo jaunt up to the Siskiyou Summit.  I’m freakin’ ecstatic that maybe warm weather is here for good!  Short sleeves and shorts early in the morning and it was a beautiful ride!
Now, I’m stoked for the Fondo next weekend.  117 miles of road racing goodness on some lightly traveled backroads out of Cottage Grove. 
Bring it on!!


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