BRMBA Shuttle weekend 2015

This year I made the time to head back to Black Rock in Falls city, OR for their annual shuttle weekend and it did not disappoint. 
2010 was the last time I was there, and only for the purpose of a race. So in racer fashion I neglected the rest of the mountain and stuck to only riding the race course. 
This trip, 5 years later, had another agenda, to hit every single trail there and to leave no feature unridden. That, is exactly what I did! I had no idea what this place had to offer. From the fun flowy beginner run of “Bonsai” connecting to “RIP” finishing out the mountain. Or the hard charging trail called “Grannies Kitchen” littered with stunts and rocks from top to bottom. Or my favorite section of all time, “Dino’s!”
Dino’s is part of a trail called “runaround” and after discovering this masterpiece I attempted to make it part of every run I did. Features like “the salad tosser,” “ET” (endless transition), and “cheese grader” we’re superbly built and an absolute blast to ride!! This was one of the most enjoyable bike trips I’ve been on in quite some time! Nothing like riding till you can feel legs and camping out with a group of friends, old and new. 



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