Juliana’s Latest Ambassador

I’ve been on two wheels since I can remember. I see the pictures from when I was a little girl and I’m always up to something on my trike or my little bike.   Bicycles are my passion and my lifestyle.

Along with my regular job, I am also a contributing writer for Bike Mexico. I have a column that focuses in our female audience. We are trying to get more women excited about riding and show them that bicycling doesn’t have to be intimidating, quite the opposite; this is by far the highlight of my day. It allows me to disconnect from the daily routine and go to my happy place, sort of the same feeling I get from riding my bike. Doesn’t matter how tired I am, I can always type one more page.

I’m an amateur racer. I’ve done a few races here and there:
•         Did the Oregon 24hrs last year
•         1st place at the Spring Thaw MTB race in 2013 (Cat 1)
•         1st place at the Ashland MTB Hill Climb in 2013 (Cat 1)
•         Raced and completed BC Bike Race (twice, in 2008 and 2011)
•         2007 Guanajuato MTB State Champion (Cat 1)

I have a blog, this is the link to what I wrote about the Unreal Cycles demo event:


“Keep riding, keep smiling”


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