Honey Badger Don’t Care

Last week, I said I would try to keep it brief.  As my wife started reading what I had to say, she scrolled down and promptly told me, “You failed.”  I’ll likely do the same again this week, so if you don’t wanna read this, could ya at least look at the pictures real quick and give me a like so my bosses think I’m doing a good job!
I know I always say this, but it really was a great week of riding.
Tuesday, Derek put together an Unreal Cycles shop ride at MOTR.  Yay!  I’m always happy to go ride that trail!  I met my buddies Rob and Jacob there early to get a quick lap in before the official ride started.  It was a really good time and I got to meet a few new people too!

Wednesday was a solo hammerfest on the C3.  Since I can almost never get enough climbing, I rode up Dark Hollow, West Griffin Creek, and then a short, steep, little you know what called Placer Hill Drive just above Jacksonville.  Go ride up that real fast and let me know how it feels!
Thursday, I was on my own again and back on the Toa for more climbing on John’s Peak.  Besides having fun doing my own thing on the trails, I got to see the tail end of a bear tearing across the trail as I came around a turn on ‘Ol Miner’s.  I went a little faster after that.
On Saturday, I did a quick and mostly flat 30 on the C3.  Nothing special.  Just trying to justify all the ice cream I planned to eat that afternoon.  Right or wrong, that happened.
Sunday was the big day this week!  Thom Kneeland was putting on another Honey Badger ride starting at the Greensprings Inn.  Honey Badgers are pretty demanding rides that try to utilize gravel roads as much as possible.
As I said last week, I needed my July century still and Shawn and I thought it was a brilliant idea to ride our mountain bikes for a hundred miles.  So, we met before the official ride and climbed from the bottom of Hwy 66, up Tyler Creek, to the Inn.  From there, more than 30 of us began a long day of riding.
After so many twists and turns on gravel roads I never knew existed and probably couldn’t find again if I had to, we were already around the backside of Howard Prairie, past Lake of the Woods, and rolling on the High Lakes Trail to Fish Lake.
Not wanting to miss the chance at some single track, Shawn and I jumped on the 8 mile trail from Fish Lake to Big Elk Road.  That’s a fun little ride!

After many more miles of gravel, climbing, and pain, we were back at Dead Indian with about 25 miles to go for our hundred.  We were pretty tired at that point, but we knew it wasn’t over yet.  Thom Kneeland is a heartless bastard!
After another big climb of Buck Prairie and missing another turn, we knew we messed up when the road we were riding disappeared.  Luckily, I had made the right decision to download the course into my Garmin and we only had to bushwack about a quarter mile to reconnect with the road that ended up being just below us.
With a quick ride around the backside of Hyatt Lake, and a fast descent back to the Inn and on down Hwy 66, we were back to our cars just under 11 hours after we started the day.  With 104 miles and 10,000+ feet of climbing, that is definitely the biggest mtb ride I’ve done so far!
Ok.  I’m done!  Next weekend is race #2 in the Oregon Triple Crown.  It’s a new course and I’m excited to give it a shot.
As for not being brief enough, I’ll try to ride less this week so I don’t have to write as much.  Maybe.

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