Like Pushing A Boulder Up A Hill

I managed to get a few rides in this week, but between dodging thunderstorms and a trip to Portland for fun and Washington for work, I feel like I barely rode.

The C3 saw all the action.

Tuesday and Wednesday were “get on the bike, hammer it out, and try not to get zapped” days.  With only a few sprinkles both day before finishing, I was mostly successful.

Friday was another hurry day, but this time it was so I could make it to downtown Portland for a show my wife wanted to see.  I figured with all the sacrificing she does for me to be able to ride so much, it was time I returned the favor.

In case you can’t read it, it says Dancing With The Stars………..Yup.

Sticking with the sacrificing theme, I figured I should sacrifice part of my “work” trip by racing in a hill climb on Sunday morning.  Just past Troutdale, up the Columbia Gorge, is the tiny town of Corbett.

The Larch Mountain Hill Climb started at the school there and climbed 16 miles and 3800′ to the finish at the top of Larch Mountain.

Though the climb never really got too steep, after the first half, it was all up without any flats to rest on.

Now, come on.  I weigh 190 lbs and I’m 5’10” with a few pairs of socks on.  I know I’m not built for climbing.  I know I’ll never finish on the podium in a hill climb, but I love climbing so much, I still enter the races occasionally. 

This time proved no different than another other hill climb I’ve done.  In a field of 78 racers, I finished 49th.  Personally, I’m pretty happy with my time.  I felt good the whole race and I was pushing hard the entire ride.  Unless I lose 15 more lbs, I’m not sure I could do much better.  That’s a win to me!

On the way down, I figured I should snap a quick shot of the river, since it’s so purrrrdy.

The one thing about the race I didn’t care for was the lack of food.  Not even any bars.  I LIKE FOOD! **See above statement regarding my weight.

The organizers, did however, give everyone these cool medals.  It says “because anybody can ride downhill…”

Obviously, they haven’t seen me riding a mountain bike.


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