Sunday Funday

I don’t ride nearly as often as I should.  I’m a busy, busy guy and I don’t make enough time to get out and enjoy the fruits of my labor or the bad ass toys at my disposal.
My Ti Toa has been laid up for weeks and weeks.  Its in serious need of some love from our shop mechanic, not to mention new brakes at the very least.
Last time out i took the shop demo Bronson for a spin out on Cook n Green and ended up taking  a spill that I am still feeling when I get out of bed in the morning.  
So when Peter said, “Fancy a Sunday shuttle with Mark and I?” My response was, “What am I going to ride?”   Peter agreed to let me take his Unreal 650 for a play, It is my size after all and most importantly the brakes are bolted on the right way round!”
So we met Mark at Ashland Mountain Adventures and had a great ride!  Aways riding a hardtail the soft rear end took a little getting used to, but even Mark agreed, by the time we got to the second half of the ride it was all coming flooding back and I looked in my element!
Mt Ashland is in pretty good shape. It’s a little dusty and brake bumps here and there… but by no means is it blown out.

 Great time! followed by a much needed refuel. 
 I need to ride my bike more! More as it develops.

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