Oregon Enduro Series Finals Mt. Hood

Last weekend the guys down at Unreal Cycles offered to take me up to the final stop of the Oregon Enduro series up at Mt Hood. They also offered to let me ride the shops demo Bronson, so I decided it was a good idea! We headed up Friday Morning so they could get set up with the registration and I could get in some practice since I’d never ridden this bike nor the trails I’d be racing for the next to days. 
So let’s start this off by saying… Simply… I ride downhill. In the world of enduro, you have to ride uphill, to in return, ride downhill. This I was not accustomed to at all. Nor was I ready for how God awfully flat and pedally some of these trails were. (Not all of them just most of them) 
On Saturday we raced Sandy Ridge, which was quite a bit of fun considering not being able to feel my legs for roughly 5 hours. I didn’t have any spectacular results on these trails as I was riding them all completely blind as well as being extremely out of shape. By the end of the day I was sitting 9th in the expert class and I was happy with that considering the circumstances. 
Sunday was more of my type of riding. Fast, wide open, rocky, and a bit of steep stuff mixed in. Stage one was almost 14 minutes of racing down timberline and out into the glade. Stage 5 was a short, classic single track type of trail, with some good flow and some Rocky bits thrown in. I was able to get a third fastest time totally blind which got me pretty pumped for stage 6. The final stage of the weekend was down one of my favorite tracks ever. The Pro downhill track on Ski Bowl, a track I know very well. I rode it a bit timid considering I was on a bike I still wasn’t 100% confident on but was still able to get a second on that stage moving myself into 6th for the weekend. Not a bad result for a rookie enduro racer on a borrowed bike. 
All in all, I actually had a lot more fun than I had expected. It’s still not as fun as downhill… Long live true gravity racing!! A huge thanks to Peter and Lewis for a accommodating me on this adventure and giving me the tools to do the job! 
– Caleb

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