Look back part 1

At the end of every year, there’s top 10 lists all around.  Top 10 songs of 2015.  Top 10 non-fiction books of 2015.  To 10 Taylor Swift moments of 2015.  Look it up.  It’s a thing.
So, I thought it might be fun to spend a couple hours looking back at all my blog entries for the year.  Wait. Wait!!  You don’t have to do it.  I already did!  I’ve come up with my 10 favorite rides of the year.  I’ve included a brief reason why I liked it so much as well as a link to the original blog post.
Here they are:
#10 – My first ride in the Colestin.
While the ride wasn’t very long (30ish miles), it opened up my eyes to a whole new area to explore.  I never did make it back before the snow hit, but I plan to get down there again early this Spring.
#9 – A wet and lonely Conde Creek loop.
The Conde Creek loop never disappoints.  It was one of the first rain events of the the Fall and I couldn’t get anyone to join me so I took my time and enjoyed the peace and quiet along with the new experience of climbing that awesome road in the rain.
#8 – Another year at the Tour of the Unknown Coast
Going home to ride the century that runs right through my home town and takes in a lot of the roads I used to abuse on a motorcycle is always one of my faves.  I set a new personal best last May and that was with 30 minutes or so of rest time while riding with a big group from my now home town.

#7 – My second double century.  The Davis Double.
Of the four double centuries I rode (or attempted) this year, I felt the best on this ride.  From a somber beginning early on in the ride (seeing a rider shortly after being hit by a truck) to the last 20 miles of riding into headwinds blowing in from the San Francisco Bay, it was a memorable ride to say the least!
#6 – An epic adventure west of Applegate Lake
This ride was pretty close to making the top 5.  Duh.  It’s #6.  It really was a great day of climbing, scenery, and exploring with my good buddy Shawn.  This was my second time doing most of the roads ridden and I will probably do it again next year.  It’s that good.
See.  That wasn’t too painful.  And, I even made it easy on you by only listing 10 – 6.  I had a good time going back and reliving some of my adventures and remembering all the cool stuff I got to do in 2015.  If nothing else, this blog has served as a digital journal for me to look back on in the future when my poor legs are too worn out to do the things I make them do now!
By the way, I didn’t stop riding last week.  I halfway thought about doing another entry since I did a solo epic worthy of reporting on.  I decided too much of me is probably not a good thing so here’s just a little taste of what I dealt with for a good portion of the 8 hour ride.  
Let’s just say I was contemplating the necessity of making a snow cave to sleep in overnight.
See ya next week!

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