Reservoir Dogs

2015 is gone.  Done.  All in all it was a great year as far as life on the bike went.  I met most of my goals and am a little bummed about the ones I didn’t.  If I thought I’d feel better about my percentage of success in 2016, I’d consider setting fewer goals and hope I could achieve them all.  But, what fun would that be?  Push on, I say!
First, let me wrap up last year’s happenings since most of last week happened in  2015.
I spent the last couple weeks in December going back and forth on whether I should take some time off the bike or push hard and hit 700,000 feet of climbing for the year.  After a ride last Sunday, I found myself about 11,500′ short of the number so I decided to go for it.
Monday involved a lot of climbing in the dark on the east side of town before heading up Roxy.
1 Cold Unreal Cycles
It was a cold and lonely evening of riding.  I was ready for a good thaw by the time I was done with the ride.
2 Dark Unreal Cycles
The next two evenings found me joined by Jacob and Shawn for a couple more climbing sessions that also happened to include some exploration.  Although a bit of trespassing occurred, it truly was completely accidental!  That said, I’m taking the 5th on any details.
When the last day of 2015 arrived I needed 1,100 more feet, so I joined Tory and Jacob for a little climb on Roxy.  My legs already felt like jello, so I was happy it was a short ride.
3 Tory Unreal Cycles
After the quick climb and a lap around the peak, I was finished!!  Success!  In the process, I just barely managed to surpass the 8,400 mile and 660 hour marks for 2015.
4 Goal Unreal Cycles
Wishing I could just rest my legs, I climbed outta bed on New Year’s morning and made the drive out to Applegate Lake for the annual RVMBA First Tracks mtb ride.  I met up with Andrew and, despite temps in the low 20s, we knocked out a lap before the event started.
5 Applegate Unreal Cycles
As much as I wanted to go home without a second lap and soak my legs for the next two days, Peter and Lewis talked me into another go around.  This time, Andrew and I were joined by Marty Hammond and we had a good time ripping around the lake again.
I know what you’re thinking.  That’s it.  No more riding.  He’s tired.  He’s done.  Or, more likely, he’s kinda dumb.  Bingo!  I’m kinda dumb.
C’mon.  I’m not letting a 3 day weekend be ruined just because I had ridden 7 days in a row!
Shawn and I headed out to another local reservoir, Lost Creek Lake, on Saturday.  It was actually nice and sunny and kinda warm when we got there.  Funny how 40 degrees can start to feel warm after so many cold rides.
Anyway, we had a good time trying to ride over all the downed trees across the trail (Shawn).
6 Whoops Unreal Cycles
In addition to the sometimes frozen and sometimes slushy path, there was plenty of ice covering the many bridges along the 17 mile loop.
7 Bridge Unreal Cycles
Although, I planned on taking it easy on the ride, all the short, punchy climbs, and washed out portions of the trail made it a workout.
8 Waiting Unreal Cycles
It was well worth it, though.  Aside from a couple boats on the lake, we had the whole place to ourselves.
9 Waterfall Unreal Cycles
Last week was a good end to 2015 and a great kickoff to 2016.  I think I will take a few days off and really give my legs some time to recover before diving back in.  I’m still working on what my goals will be for this year, but I’m pretty sure they will involve riding a bike and doing stupid stuff at the same time.
Let’s get this party started!!

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