Let’s Do This

I’m kinda done messin’ around.  I’ve been taking it easy for a month.  At least in the mileage department.  It’s time to get back to some real riding.  Let’s do this!
I’ve had lots of stuff going on in my real life lately.  Mostly good, but some not so much.  I chose a solid little road ride on Tuesday afternoon to clear my mind, sort things out, and put a small dent in my mileage goal.  By the time I had finished the 30 miles, most of those goals were met.
1 Tuesday Unreal Cycles
Wednesday rolled around and may as well not have.  After getting to Jville for an early start at some climbing, I was pulled away by a chance run in with a good friend I hadn’t seen in too long.  We ended up talking and the dent I had put in the day before got pushed  back out.  10 miles was all I managed.  At least a relationship was renewed.  Definitely worth the loss of mileage.
2 Beekman Unreal Cycles
I think I may have mentioned that January was the first month I hadn’t ridden a century in 2 years.  Over it!  Saturday was the day to start a new streak.
I met up with Jacob at about 7:15 and we were off.
We didn’t really have a plan so when we got near the old TT course on Antelope Rd, we decided to ride up to the gravel and back.  It was a nice memory.  We both like the descent back from the top so we put a little extra pep in the pedal and before long we were back to Highway 62.
3 Antelope Unreal Cycles4 Jacob Unreal Cycles
We made our way around Eagle Point and popped out on Butte Falls Highway.  Once again, we chose the road less ridden and started our climb up to Crowfoot Rd.  It really isn’t a difficult climb and we were still feeling chipper as we made the turn onto Crowfoot.
5 Crowfoot Unreal Cycles
A little more climbing and we were ready to drop back down to Highway 62, but not before we were forced to navigate some tight, gravel covered corners.
6 Gravel Unreal Cycles
We reached Lost Creek Lake and started the long, nearly no shoulder return to Shady Cove.

River Road to Agate and we made our roundabout way back to Medford.  102 miles in all and I couldn’t believe how great I felt when we were finished.  I think the rest time has paid off!

With a warm day finally forecast for Sunday, a group of us got together to put our mtb’s to the test at Lost Creek Lake.
7 Dam Unreal Cycles
The weather gurus were right and we were treated to a beautiful, sunny day.  Which was good, because I’m tired of having to wear long pants and sleeves every dang ride.  I was in shorts and short sleeves and it felt like Spring had sprung!
It was my first time going counter-clockwise around this lake and I found I kinda like it better that direction.  You get the shadier, and less boring, side of the lake out of the way and you have mostly single track for the rest of the ride.
8 Tunnel Unreal Cycles
Our group of 8 took our time and enjoyed a trail that was in decent shape despite the fact we were all pretty much covered in mud by the end.
9 Dan Unreal Cycles
Having spent the last two Super Bowl Sundays driving home from Chico after racing the Paskenta race, I have to say I liked this year way better.  Good times, fun friends, easy pace, and pizza all before the big game even started.
Last week I managed over 160 miles for the first time since the beginning of November.  And, every one of those miles felt good.  I’m a little excited to feel like I’m back on the upswing.

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