200 or Bust!

No whining this week!  At least I’ll try not to.  That’s a win for you guys, right?

So, finally, the time has changed!  And, none too soon.  My goal for the week was to put in some miles and Tuesday got me started off on the right foot.

With temps in the 60s, I met up with Jacob along South Stage and we headed toward Ashland.  A little backroad action and before long we were climbing up Mountain Ave toward Pompadour.

1 Hobbit Hole Unreal Cycles
2 Pompy Unreal Cycles
It seems I find something I haven’t seen before every time I ride the Pompadour loop.  This time around, it was a mini Stonehenge in someone’s yard.
3 Stonehenge Unreal Cycles

It felt dang good to be on the road bike after work and putting in some legitimate saddle time.  I finished with a respectable 55 miles on the day.  Not a bad start to the week.

Wednesday, I decided I would try and get another 20 miles on the road before meeting up with the group for some Jville mtb action.  That was the good part.  The bad part was when some of the group wanted to head back down early.  I tried to stick it out, but between Dan laying the smack down on his chain with too much power and the promise of a good meal waiting at the bottom, I bailed early, finishing with just over 8 miles in the dirt.  Come on!  A man’s gotta eat!

4 Dan Unreal Cycles

Once again, I was joined by Jacob for a road ride on Thursday.  Another 31 miles and I was sitting well above 100 miles for the week with the whole weekend left to hit 200.

After much self-debating, I decided to ride out to Sam’s Valley and watch a little of the final race in the Table Rock TT Series Saturday morning.

5 Sunrise Unreal Cycles

This time I had the pleasure of riding with my former cycling sensei, Rob, for the final 20 miles or so to the race.  We didn’t put the hammer down, but we managed to hold a good 20 mph pace.  It was almost like the early days when Rob did most of the pulling, but I was able to pay him back a little by doing my share this time.

Leaving Rob to make his way home on his own (and presumably back to chores….if drinking beer is a chore), I hit Meadows and Antioch for a little climbing action to make the ride out to Sam’s Valley worth it.

6 PHX Unreal Cycles

After a quick stop at Touvelle Park, it was back to Jacksonville and on to home for a total of 61 miles.  Nothing big mile-wise, but I felt pretty good having upped my pace over many of my more recent rides.

7 Tou Velle Unreal Cycles

Entering Sunday only needing about 20 miles to reach my goal, I passed on an early morning road ride knowing I was meeting up with friends in the evening for some Britt Trail action.

To ensure I would get the 20 miles, I started an hour and a half before the appointed meeting time and headed up Reservoir road.  After a few miles of climbing and a quick descent down Lower Canyon Vista, Boulder, and Ol’ Miner’s it was time to hit Britt with the group.

8 CV Unreal Cycles

The rain we had seen earlier in the day was gone and we were treated to a fantastic evening of blue sky and warmish temps.  By the time we were finished, I only had 15 miles, but I didn’t care much.  It was an awesome ride with some awesome people and I’ll sacrifice a stupid goal for a good ride anytime

9 Cool Kids Unreal Cycles

That said, I was only 4 miles short of 200.  I’m thinking I have plenty of time left to be ready for the bigger rides that will start lining up in the next month or so.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


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