Almost Normal

I finally, FINALLY, am starting to feel like my cycling life is regaining a bit of normalcy.  After what felt like an eternity, but in reality was only a couple weeks, I was able to put in a respectable amount of miles last week.
Early on, it didn’t look like that would be the case though.  With Monday being the last of a 5 day weekend, I wanted to make the most of it and get a good ride in.  The problem was I had ridden every other day of the weekend and my legs thought I was crazy.  I managed to talk them into a quick 9 mile ride around some of the lower trails in Jacksonville before they talked me into calling it a day.
1 John's Unreal Cycles
By the time Thursday came around I was itching to ride and the scratch came in the form of an Unreal Cycles shop ride at MOTR, just outside of Rogue River.  With the official ride time being 6, I had plenty of time to knock out a quick lap first so that’s just what my buddy and I did.
2 MOTR Unreal Cycles
3 RR Unreal Cycles
It was a warm evening for February and the trail was in near perfect condition.  I’d put the sticky factor at about an 8.  That was good enough to keep my bike (and, thankfully me) on the trail and not in the brush like so too often is the case.  It really was a great night of riding.
As Saturday arrived, I was still without a road bike thanks to a shipping snafu, but Peter at Unreal was gracious enough to hook me up with his Paru set up as a road bike.  I was ready to put in some miles after so many recent short to medium rides and at 6:30 I put the plan in action.
It was nice to see the sun actually rising versus just breaking through fog.  It made me long for the warm early mornings of the Summer when I love to be riding as the sun pops up, hot as ever, and starts to make me long for the cold Winter mornings.  Okay, not really.  I hate Winter.
4  Unreal Cycles
After cruising down Sterling Creek and Little Applegate, I was ready to start making my way toward Grants Pass.  The weather seemed a bit confused for a while.
5 Missouri Unreal Cycles
But, eventually, I was treated to a little more blue sky than I had expected.
6 Applegate Unreal Cycles
7 Gallagher Unreal Cycles
After a brief stop at Tom Pearce Park at the south end of Grants Pass, I began the long, and now somewhat boring, trek back through the Rogue Valley on my way to Medford.  It’s really only boring because I’ve ridden it so many times now.  It did what I needed it to do though, and I finished with just over a hundred miles for the day.  Yes!  Miles!
8 Paru Unreal Cycles
I had big plans for Sunday, but after a much needed sleep-in session, I decided to pass on anything of substance in the way of mileage.  Instead, I met up with a bunch of other local riders as we were getting together to honor what would have been our local hero, Alex Shepherd’s, birthday.  A short ride later, many of us had our small, everyday, first world problems put into perspective.
9 Alex Unreal Cycles
This week was just what I needed.  Nothing too hard, but not too easy either.  It really is time to start putting up some numbers.  I’m well behind on my mileage goal, and I can’t rest easy until I make up some ground.  Time to ride!

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