Can we be done with winter?

Seriously, can we just turn Winter off?  We need rain.  We need the snow pack. We need to get out of the drought.  You know what?  I need to not go insane! While I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing me complain about not getting enough miles, I assure you I’m a bit sick of it myself.  This week was no different.  But, I tried! Well, I tried as much as I could.  I refuse to give up taking a yoga class once a week, but that means one of my ride days is cut short.  This time it was Tuesday.  I rushed home from work, did 6 or 7 miles on the Britt trails in Jville, and rushed to yoga.  At least I was able to relax when I finally got there.
1 Toa Unreal Cycles
 Wednesday saw better results.  There was a calm between the seemingly incessant rain storms and Jacob and I managed 20 miles on pavement before I had to call it a day.  Considering the amount of road miles I usually put in (no, not right now), I have relatively few close calls with yahoo drivers.  Wednesday, we had a couple guys buzz us.  I think it may have had something to do with Jacob’s jersey, but I have no proof.
2 Rainbow Unreal Cycles
Whatever the case was, we survived and even found a new road neither of us had been on before, Andrews Road, which is a short out and back off W. Griffin Creek Road.
3 Andrews Unreal Cycles
I had a little more time to kill Thursday, so I hopped on Peter’s Paru and fought a headwind as I made my way out to Ruch.

4 Hamilton Unreal Cycles

 There, I rolled down past Cantrall Buckley Park and on up Little Applegate to Buncom.  Despite being on a slightly heavier bike than what I’ve been riding, I decided I’d give a little push on the climb from Buncom up to the top of Woodrat.  I guess my recent lower mileage output has helped as I was able to get my second best time on that particular stretch. I finished the day with a decent 25 miles and felt optimistic with the weekend approaching. My plan Saturday, originally, was to ride from home to the TT race in Sam’s Valley and watch all my buds.  Yeah.  No.  It was pouring when I woke up so I changed my mind and chose to race instead. I was satisfied with my time, but not my placing on the leader board.  Oh well, I can’t win ’em all.  But, really.  I wouldn’t mind winning one of anything sometime!! I didn’t get any photos from the race, but Sage got this one from last week and it was pretty much repeated again this time around.  Besides, it’s pretty silly and kinda awesome.
5 Thumbjob Unreal Cycles
 See?   Knowing I needed more miles on Sunday, I tried to get a group together to lay down an easy 30 on our road bikes.  I even had 6 or 7 other people all gung ho to go!  Then, the weather called for rain.  Again.  And, it was just Jacob and I.  Again. Since the forecast was calling for another epic deluge, we went with our gravel bikes and headed up to the top of John’s Peak in search of a super soaker of an adventure.  It was barely spitting on us at the beginning and I was secretly hoping we had dodged a bullet.
6 John's Unreal Cycles
 But, as we reached the summit above Lily Glen, we realized we hadn’t dodged anything and God’s Wrath was about to, literally, rain down on us.
7 Shitstorm Unreal Cycles
 Whatever.  We’re used to it (See most of my old blog entries for similar stupid things we’ve done in rain, snow, smoke, or way too hot to be riding weather). So, the rains came.  I was a little surprised it wasn’t snow.  It felt cold enough, but we weren’t complaining.  We were already starting to lose feeling in our fingers!  Nothing new.
8 Rock Climb Unreal Cycles

At last we finished off the climbing when we reached the exposed ridgeline of whatever mountain is between John’s Peak and Timber Mountain.  At this point I don’t care what its name is.  The freezing cold wind was driving the nearly freezing cold rain so deeply into our souls that I don’t even want to go back there again until the middle of Summer.

9 Conquerers Unreal Cycles

 Eventually, we made it down the mountain and called it a success.  Mostly because we once again made it out alive.  Seriously though, we like the adventures.  Especially when they’re done. This coming week looks to have some better weather.  Maybe I’m just hoping.  Whatever the case, I PROMISE you won’t have to listen to me whine about low miles next time.

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